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Jeff Lindle

Hi my name is Jeff Lindle.  I’m from Ocala, FL. I have been an alcoholic for the past 15 years. My addiction got very bad after a failed marriage of nine years. I attempted to be a functioning alcoholic but I eventually quit my job after 14 years with the company. Which lead me down a dark road and a 3 month drinking binge. Then I ended up in detox and ER. At that point I attempted to get my life together and entered a 90 Day program. But soon after I relapsed. My alcoholism was in full affect by this time and was causing me to have seizures.

By the grace of God Lonnie Earnest recommended Liberty Lodge to me. I entered in November 2017 and thankfully with the help of staff and my brothers here at the Lodge I have been able to reconnect with God in a deeper intimate relationship.  I have been given tools of how to journal, hear and discern God’s voice and learning how to apply it to my life today. Through curriculum and one on one counsel with Pastor Dave and Pastor Lance I have been Learning how to walk through and deal with forgiveness and past issues.

By God’s grace I have a peace and calmness in my life today that I haven’t felt in long time. And I know if I continue keeping God first the future will be bright. Thank you so much to the staff here: Pastor Dave, Lance Milam and Bennet Combs.