Curt Johnson

Hi my name is Curt Johnson. I came to the Liberty Lodge because I had no place else to go. When I came here I was full of fear and anger and I had no hope in my life. I knew of God, I knew about God, however I did not know how to live my life for God.

After coming to Liberty Lodge I realize God brought me here, and through the classes and journaling and how the men poured into me and showed me areas in my life that I couldn’t see. I was able to go to the Lord and allow him to reveal those things in me that kept me from him through my selfishness and personal desires. I’ve caused so much destruction in my family over the last decades and it’s by God’s grace that I’m even still alive.

I’m grateful today that my family even speaks to me, more importantly I’m grateful for the opportunity that God’s given me to be in relationship with him and for once in my life to actually know what it is to be loved, and therefore how to love.