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“The most important factor in a person being accepted at Liberty Lodge is his own  Attitude.

Each incoming resident is interviewed to see if he has a sincere desire to find spiritual help. We have found that we cannot help a man until he is ready to let God help him.

Our program is 8 months long and almost always filled to capacity. Because of this, the following established requirements must be met prior to consideration for admission:”

Step 1

We require that the man interested in the program CALL US (321-264-0757) to discuss why he wants to enter the program and his current situation. We do not accept collect calls. This phone call star the inverview process and further instructions will be given during this time, by intake director.

Step 2

If the person cannot make a phone call, a letter including the following information is required:

  • current situation;
  • reason for wanting to enter program;
  • name, age, address, and phone number;
  • occupation and work history;
  • marital status and number of dependents;
  • how your family will be cared for while here;
  • type of addiction & number of years in it;
  • previous rehabilitation programs attended;
  • current court charges;
  • complete criminal history;
  • medical problems requiring special attention.

We will respond to the letter as quickly as possible.

Step 3

A personal face to face interview will be scheduled by the program director and set during normal working hours. Weekend appointments will require special arrangements.

The personal interview should in no way be interpreted as automatic acceptance into the program. Its purpose is to discern if a man is truly ready to receive help and determine how we can best meet his particular needs.


Things to Know


  1. We require that a man be completely off drugs or alcohol at least 3 days prior to the interview. We will not take men into our program who are intoxicated or under heavy sedation.
  2. Persons requiring medication or medical attention will have their situation reviewed on an individual basis.
  3. Items necessary for residents, such as clothing and toiletries, will be discussed before entering the program.
  4. Incoming residents should bring their social security card and a photo ID to the intake interview.
  5. Program requires a man to completely submit his time, money and attitude for the 8 month period.